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Lovely pampering experience from head to toe, Superb Therapist!! Will be back next month.

Mrs R. Black, Rothwell Northants

5 Star Treatment – you made my wife smile, Thank you

Mr R. McDonald, Kettering Northants

The Dentist took pictures of my teeth when they were broken and again when they were fixed and now they are on the telly in reception Wicked!!.

Jake Waterman (13), Geddington Northants

Thank you very much for creating my smile, and giving back my confidence. Without your help and that of your lovely staff I would not be able to apply for the job i am about to do.

Mrs J. Kennedy, Islip Northants

Natural Smiles affords one of the most pleasant visits to a dentist you will ever have. A warm welcome is followed by drinks of your choice and a relaxing wait in the well-appointed reception area. More like a hotel really!

Dr Bhavnish Waghela is one of a new breed of practitioners who makes you feel at home in the chair – in fact I was so relaxed I nearly fell asleep. Comprehensive and clear explanations about every facet of the treatment plan are followed with sensitively carried out procedures that actually make you look forward to the next visit.

What has been most pleasing of all for me has been the complete understanding of the small, persistent issues that have plagued me for some time, with totally satisfying 'fixes'. A really serious issue has been dealt with very effectively and I feel as though I have a new mouth!

All in all, a recommendation is not just given, it is mandatory. I feel sure that we will have a relationship over many years to come.

Thanks to all at Natural Smiles.

Mr. D. Sobey, Kettering Northants

Best visit to the dentist ever, Injection very painless staff very pleasant and friendly. Wonderful location.

Mrs J. Mcblain, Corby Northants

Excellent service! Pain free treatments, staff put me at ease. Very good experience.

Miss K. Hudson, Geddington Northants

Great place, well done!!

Mr G. Walne, Leicester

Job well done… Looking forward to having some relaxing treatments.

Mr. T. Stonestreet Leicester

Lovely surroundings, really a nice place, very kind and pleasant staff.

Mrs K. Burgess Corby Northants

Never had such an informative, relaxed and pain free dental appointment before, well done to all the staff.

Mr J. O'flynn Market Harborough, Leicester

One of the best massages I've ever had. Tracy is an excellent therapist in terms of creating a wonderful atmosphere and perfect technique. Practice team very friendly. Getting vouchers for my birthday!!

Mrs D. James, Kettering Northants

Excellent!! Makes coming to the dentist a pleasure. Will recommend you to everyone I know! Thank you

Mrs J. Gallagher, Corby Northants

I was told to come here by a friend as she recommended the service here. The massage I had was truly unbelievable, I truly loved it. Thank you so much. I WILL BE BACK!!!!!

Binnie, London

Excellent, attentive Dentist and staff. Not as expensive as I was expecting. 'A pleasant surprise'

Mr D. Hunt, Corby Northants

Excellent treatments and such wonderful welcoming friendly staff!! Thank You

Mrs E. Elliston, Corby Northants

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results of my smile makeover.

The whole procedure, from start to finish was clearly explained. I like the way nothing was rushed and what I wanted was taken into account. I knew what was going to happen and why. Also the treatment was relatively pain free, a big plus!

The end results actually exceeded my expectations and I know the owner of a lovely, natural smile.

A big thank you to you and your team

Mrs E. Elliston, Corby Northants

Made you feel very relaxed, and my treatment very helpful and informative. Nice friendly team.

Mrs K. Winters, Corby Northants

From the minute I walked into Natural Smiles I felt very at home, from the warm greeting to the lovely aroma of coffee, nothing was too much trouble for the staff, I was offered a choice of a DVD before I was taken to see the Dentist. Dr Waghela greeted me personally and took me through to the treatment room where my DVD was playing. I was taken not to the dental chair but to a consultation area where I finished my coffee and spent some time discussing my problems. From there I was then transferred to the dreaded dental chair but what an experience the chair was put on a programme to massage my neck and back. Wonderful experience from start to finish. All members of the practice where very professional at all times. Looking forward to starting my treatment.

Mrs Bromfield, Leicester

I am coming back next time, brilliant time at the dentist!

Kyle Mcphie (12), Corby Northantsa

Lovely relaxing environment – very comfortable. I appreciate having everything explained. Thank you very much.

Mrs L. Cox, Corby Northants

Wonderful treatment with a great end result – very well fitting and attractive dentures. Thank you

Mr M. Bullock, Northampton

Very relaxing atmosphere! Fantastic service and treatment. I will definitely be back!!

Miss P. Jones, Milton Keynes

Marvelous relaxing and very, very professional.

Mrs S. Hayton, Corby Northants

Fantastic Facilities, Fantastic Place, Fantastic Staff, Fantastic Treatment, what more do you need or say, Well done to Dr Waghela and his team.

Mr and Mrs P. Barton, Stanion Northants

I met Dr Waghela for the first time on a Saturday around 9pm; he was the only dentist willing to see me. I couldn't get in touch with my own dentist, and other dentists wanted me to wait until the morning! His kindness, expertise and with all the latest technology soon put me out of pain and feeling human again.

On Monday morning I enrolled the whole family, including two children who thought all the latest gizmos and computer images of their teeth were wicked!!

Dr Waghela and his team are true professionals, but also happen to be genuinely nice people. The service you receive is tailored to your personnel needs, even down to de-café coffee. Another rare find is the beauty therapist, wow, after and hour with her your ready for anything….Fillings, root treatments, shopping at Asda with two small children, no problem Bring it on!!!!!!.

Mrs.D. Borton, Cranford Northants

Natural Smiles is a pleasure to visit right from the tranquil surrounds as you enter to the friendly and professional staff that takes care of you while you are there. I had a facial and I was so relaxed at the end I could have floated home

Mrs H. Kendall, Corby Northants

Thank you for the excellent care received from you and your team, whilst under- going a smile makeover. The end result far exceeds what I had hoped for and was worth every penny.

Mrs S. Morris, Oundle Peterborough

I have written a few words regarding the treatment I received at Natural Smiles from October last year. I made a decision to have porcelain veneers on my upper set – 10 in all. The reason I took the decision to have the treatment was because my smile or lack of one was affecting my personality and the way I approach people. I also have a senior position in my job and I have to visit clients regularly and my teeth and smile was also noticed by my brothers and comments were made as to my appearance.

I attended the surgery from October to January, the process was extremely easy and I was treated wonderfully and left the surgery with a beautiful smile. My close family and friends were amazed and all said how much happier I looked. People at work also noticed and said what a lovely smile I had. For me personally, I have more confidence and it has changed my life.

Thank you so much to all the fantastic staff.

See you for the bottom set.

Mrs J. Lansberry, Corby Northants

Excellent treatments and such wonderful welcoming friendly staff!! Thank You.

Mrs E. Elliston, Corby Northants

Treatments, Service and surroundings at Natural Smiles are first class. Relaxing and Stylish, I always enjoy coming for a beauty treatment, Tracy is a very competent therapist and staff are fantastic.

Mrs R. Dopson, Corby Northants

I never enjoyed going to the dentist, but I didn't like my teeth or my smile, so I contacted Natural Smiles. Receptionist was very helpful and understanding and made me an appointment to see Dr Bhavnish Waghela. He did a thorough examination of my teeth and then talked through what needed to be done for me to have a perfect smile. At first I was scared but Dr Waghela and the dental assistant made me feel at ease and took my mind off what was happening, by talking to me all the time. I also watched a DVD and that also helped take my mind off what was going on. Some of the appointments were over an Hour long but they looked after me very well. I have now a lovely set of teeth and ic an smile once again. Thank you.

Mrs S. Cottrell, Rothwell Northants

I have been under the care of Dr Waghela since he arrived in the town several years ago. His dentistry is second to none and I have no hesitation in recommending him to any one. He and his team are brill!

Mr L. Gagrica, Corby Northants

Fantastic treatments and so welcoming, would definitely recommend to my friends and family. Carol and Tracy are great ambassadors for the business.

Mrs W. Finlayson, Corby Northants

I really liked the T.V. on the roof because it had X-Men on it and I had a hot chocolate! Wicked

Harry Featherstone (12), Geddington Northants

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