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How long does Composite Bonding last?

May 28, 2021

Broken, chipped, damaged, unhealthy, discolored, or stained teeth can be a nightmare. You don’t smile in your pictures anymore.

(We know what’s the reason why you suddenly started pouting in all your photos.)

You don’t smile back at people.

(Don’t say you didn’t see them smile at you.)

You are skipping events and gatherings.

(We understand it is impossible not to attract attention towards your ugly-looking teeth.)  Your confidence hits an all-time low, just because you don’t have a picture-perfect smile.

But thank God for composite bonding.

Fixing your teeth — no matter what problem they have — is quick and easy.

So, is dental bonding a permanent solution to your problem?

How long does it last?

Will you have to frequently visit your dentist after the procedure?

Find answers to all these questions right here.

But before we tell you about how long composite bonding lasts, here’s a quick recap of…

composite bonding after image composite bonding after image

What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is the process of bonding your teeth with a tooth-colored resin.

It can be used:

  • To repair decayed teeth,
  • To fix chipped teeth,
  • To hide discoloration or staining on your teeth,
  • To fix fractures,
  • To protect an exposed part of the teeth,
  • To close the gap between teeth,
  • To make your teeth look longer, and
  • As an alternative to amalgam fillings.

Tooth bonding is a painless dental procedure that can be done in just one sitting with the dentist. Composite bonding on one teeth takes between 30 to 60 minutes. It usually doesn’t require anesthesia.

composite bonding

Dentists will select a composite resin shade that matches closely with the natural color of your teeth. Thus, after the procedure is done, your teeth will look 100% natural. Giving no hints that you have undergone a cosmetic procedure.

Another thing that makes it a great solution is that it is suitable for almost everyone. No matter what cosmetic dental issue you have, composite dental bonding can fix that.

How Long Does Bonding Last?

Composite bonding lasts for 5 years on average. The material is not as hard as your natural teeth. It can wear down, chip off, break, or get stained. All these issues affect its lifespan. However, it can last for much longer than anticipated if you make efforts for that. Also, certain unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits can cause your dental bonding to wither away faster. Or require frequent repairs or touch-ups.

How long your composite bonding lasts also depends on certain other factors.

How Long Does Bonding Last

Those factors include:

  • The Location Of Your Dental Bonding

Bonding on the back of your teeth or on your side teeth is likely to last longer than composite bonding on your front teeth. This is because front teeth are more exposed and, thus, vulnerable to damage and discoloration.

  • The Type And Quantity Of Bonding Material Used

Better quality of composite resin will obviously last longer. However, more is not always better in the case of quantity used. Too much or too little composite material will cause issues and make your bonding need corrections. Trust only expert dentists for the procedure for long-lasting results.

  • The Health And Strength Of The Tooth Or Teeth On Which Bonding Is Applied

Strong and healthy teeth will be able to hold on to bonding for much longer. If your teeth are weak, the composite might not be able to sit well and can chip off or break.

  • Your Lifestyle And Habits

Not taking care of your teeth, consuming food items and drinks harmful for teeth health, and habits like nail-bitting or teeth-gritting can cause your bonding to get damaged much faster.

After composite bonding

How To Make Your Teeth Bonding Last Long?

How long your teeth bonding lasts is majorly (if not entirely) under your control.

You can take the following steps to make sure it lasts longer (over a decade):

  • Brush twice a day. With regular brushing, you can make sure staining and decay-causing food items don’t stay stuck in your teeth. Remember to use non-abrasive toothpaste that contains fluoride and soft-bristle brushes.


  • Use the right flossing technique to floss regularly. If you aren’t sure about the right technique, a word with our professionals will clear that doubt.


  • Professional cleaning and regular dental checkups can help identify problems with your bonding (if any) early on. This will also ensure you get time to fix what you are doing wrong and get expert advice on that. And this would directly help extend the life of your composite bonding.


  • Avoid chewing hard items (like candies, ice cube, or your fingernails) with the bonded part of your teeth. Chewing on hard items creates pressure on your bonded teeth and can make the bonding chip or break. Also, don’t open food packets with your teeth.


  • Coffee, tea, red wine, curry, and other items stain your teeth. Avoid them. If you cannot entirely avoid having such items, make sure you rinse your mouth after consuming these items so that they don’t stain your teeth. Drinking teeth-staining beverages with a metal straw will also help.


  • Stop smoking and chewing tobacco. These are anyway detrimental to your oral and general health and have an extremely adverse effect on your bonded teeth. Quit chewing on your pen cap and biting your fingernails. Also, try to cut down on your consumption of sugary and acidic food and beverages.

If you take the right precautions, your dental bonding can last over ten years. This will give you a sparkling smile and the confidence to take on the challenges of the world.

Begin Your Journey Towards A Beautiful Smile Today

Dental bonding is a suitable dental procedure for altering the appearance of your teeth, fixing minor cosmetic flaws, and covering broken, stained, or chipped tooth. Depending on your situation, the result you are hoping for, and your budget, expert dentists at Natural Smiles will help you decide if composite bonding is suitable for you or not.

Composite bonding procedure at natural smiles

We’ll make sure you know everything about the procedure and also understand how to make your bonding last longer. For any questions or queries, get in touch with our team. And don’t wait anymore. Start your journey towards a beautiful smile today.

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