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What are CEREC Crowns Made of?

December 1, 2021

CEREC crowns are a popular, quick and reliable way of protecting or restoring damaged or discoloured teeth. These permanent same-day dental crowns are also highly effective in supporting dental bridges and large fillings. The word CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. CEREC technology employs CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software to design and manufacture the perfect crown.

CEREC crowns have a flawless fit and are impossible to tell apart from your natural teeth. The best part of CEREC technology is – you don’t have to wait weeks to get a new crown. A single dentist visit, typically lasting a few hours is all it takes. If you’re in need of a dental crown, you’re bound to have certain doubts. What is a CEREC crown made of? How much does a CEREC crown cost? What’s the procedure for getting the one-visit crowns? And, is CEREC the right choice for you?

Here are your answers…

What are CEREC crowns made of?

CEREC crowns are typically made of composite ceramic, composite resin or porcelain. CEREC Zirconia is the most commonly used ceramic for constructing CEREC crowns. It’s composed of high-quality Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2). All-ceramic crowns are very strong and can be made to closely match a wide range of natural shades.

The act of chewing exerts a pressure of approximately 450 pounds per square inch on the teeth. Zirconia crowns can withstand pressures of 750 pounds per square inch. That makes the material perfect for individuals who suffer from Bruxism (excessive clenching or grinding of teeth).

Composite resin is another material that’s widely used in making CEREC crowns. It’s white in colour but can be easily moulded to resemble your teeth’s natural hue and it will have been used in dentistry for decades. Composite bonding ceramic is deemed the most reliable of these materials. As such, it has become the top choice for making CEREC crowns in recent years.

CEREC crowns offer a quick, trustworthy fix for a damaged tooth. They remove the need for tooth removal and prevent the following issues:

  • The recession of gum disease
  • A noticeable, unsightly gap in your smile
  • The aged appearance caused by loss of teeth
  • Drifting or weakening of adjoining teeth
  • A problem in chewing food
  • Impaired speech

How much does a CEREC crown cost?

How much does a CEREC Crown cost

There’s a widespread belief that CEREC crowns are expensive. That’s inaccurate. The cost of a CEREC crown varies from £385 to £800. In comparison, a traditional metal crown costs £250 to £600. A porcelain crown is priced at £350 to £950. A Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) crown can cost you £300 to £850.

Note that these prices don’t include the costs of any additional treatments that you may be getting, including filling and root canal. The price difference isn’t huge. Getting a traditional crown typically requires multiple dental implants. As such, opting for a one-visit CEREC crown can turn out to be a lot cheaper.

The procedure

The first step of the process involves photographing the tooth that requires protection or restoration. Your dentist will use a specialized digital camera to photograph the tooth. Next, the images will be transferred to the CEREC 3D imaging program. This program will create a precise 3D model of the tooth.

Your dentist will use this model to create your CEREC crown. The process of milling your new crown typically takes 15-20 minutes. The act of placing the crown in your mouth is similar to fitting a traditional crown. You’ll be in and out of the dentist’s office in a few hours’ time.

The benefits of CEREC crowns

The Benefits of CEREC Crowns

CEREC crowns have several advantages over traditional dental crowns. Here are the biggest ones:

1. They instantly restore your teeth’s normal functions

A damaged or discoloured tooth can affect your look, speech as well as eating habits. It can also be quite painful. Getting a CEREC crown restores your teeth’s normal functions almost immediately. You will need to avoid foods that are too hot, cold, hard or sticky for 24-48 hours after the procedure. But you’ll be able to start speaking and chewing regular foods right away.

You may experience some sensitivity in your CEREC crown for up to two weeks. Both the degree and duration of the sensitivity, however, are lesser than that experienced in the case of a traditional crown. A CEREC crown also saves you the hassles that come with a temporary crown. You don’t need to worry about dislodging the crown when eating. That takes away the risk of a loose crown injuring your gums, tongue or other teeth. The average life of a CEREC crown is 10-15 years. A little care and it can easily last way longer.

2. They offer superior comfort and fit and a natural appearance

The use of CAD/CAM technology ensures your new crown is a snug fit and highly comfortable. The superior fit keeps bacteria from getting into the damaged tooth and causing future decay. A CEREC crown perfectly matches the shape and colour of the neighbouring teeth. It’s virtually impossible to tell apart from natural teeth.

3. They save you time and money

A traditional crown is built based on a physical mould. It usually takes multiple moulds to achieve the right fit. This can lead to multiple visits to the dentist. The use of digital moulds for building a CEREC crown eliminates that wastage of time. A single visit to get a CEREC crown will save you the costs of missing work on multiple days and frequent trips to the dentist’s office.

Is CEREC crown the right option for you?

Is CEREC crown the best option for you

If you’re unsure if CEREC is the ideal choice for you, ask yourself –

1. Are aesthetics a big factor for you?

If your answer is yes, then a CEREC crown is the right choice, it will give you the perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

2. Can you find the time for the lengthy procedure of getting a traditional crown?

A CEREC crown is comparable to a traditional crown in almost every way. Considering that it can also be a more economical investment, there’s no reason you shouldn’t opt for it.

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