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Things you need to know about composite Bonding

June 11, 2020

One of the most common procedures these days is composite bonding and this has been very popular for patients who want to quickly and effectively improve the smile.

What changes can be made to my smile with Composite bonding?

Generally, composite bonding can improve your smile by changing the shape of your teeth, changing the color of the teeth, making these changes provide a quick and effective smile makeover.

Composite bonding can be also be used to artificially straighten teeth, this means that we are making the front surfaces of your teeth line up and look straightened.

What is the difference between Composite  and  Porcelain Veneers

Composite bonding is an alternative to porcelain veneers and has a major advantage that:

  • You can have a smile makeover in one appointment 
  • Generally, this is done without drilling or injections.
  • Instant results.
  • Chips and fractures can be repaired easily

changes can be made to my smile with Composite bonding

What is the ultimate way to improve my self for the best and longest-lasting results?

The best way to improve your smile is by the minimal damage to the teeth, using a material that is the strongest and most natural in the way it feels, looks, and behaves when you eat, drink and smile. 

This means that the ultimate smile makeover is with Digital Smile Design, Braces or Invisalign to straighten any crooked teeth, whiten your teeth and then finally improve your teeth shape and size with ultra-thin bespoke porcelain veneers. 

What are the problems with Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding does have a few drawbacks and they are because composite is a plastic-based material designed to mimic the tooth and is not as hard-wearing porcelain. 

  • This means that on average composite bonding lasts between 2 to 5 years after which, it needs to be replaced. 
  • Composite bonding will attract stains more than porcelain veneers
  • Composite Bonding can chip when you use your teeth, the main cause of this is grinding and clenching at night.

Can any dentist provide composite bonding?

Composite bonding can be molded and bonded by cosmetic dentists, the more skilled the dentist the more natural the appearance of the bonding.

Composite bonding at natural smile

If you were to ask a number of people to draw a horse (for example), some drawings will be better than others and this is just artistic talent, dentistry is just as artistic as drawing, and therefore not all composite bondings are the same. 

It is also crucial to use the highest quality materials when doing a composite bonding your smile looks more natural and polishes beautifully.

To get the best results, digital planning prior to composite bonding provides a better and longer-lasting end result because every last detail is planned before your teeth are worked. Once completed, we advise the use of night guard or retainer to protect your bondings


At Natural Smiles in Corby and in Leicester, we have treated hundreds of patients with small makeovers using composite bonding. We endeavor to provide all our patients the best result possible and therefore advise and guide you on all the solutions available to you.  The most important factors to help you choose your route for a smile makeover are; your age, how long you want the smile to last for without additional treatment, how quickly or slowly you want your new smile, and then lastly budget.

Would you choose a solution that lasts for a longer time?

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