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How much do Clear Braces Cost?

December 29, 2021

The advances in dentistry have been nothing short of revolutionary. The most suitable example is clear braces. Everyone has a right to a beautiful smile, but unfortunately, not all are born with one. For several decades, doctors have used braces to adjust the shape and formation of teeth. Clear braces are the latest innovation that has taken a rather long-drawn-out and painful treatment and made it into one that is easily availed.

How do clear braces work?

How do Clear Braces Work

Let’s think back to metal types of braces. They are made of stainless steel, nickel, and chromium. Metal braces have shiny brackets that affix them on a tooth and archwires that push or pull the next tooth towards or away. It is a strange-looking contraption that exerts pressure on a tooth and makes it grow normally. Clear braces work exactly the same way. But they are lightweight and made of ceramic, sapphire, zirconium, or resin.

If you are wearing clear braces, no one will notice unless they are quite close. Also, they are quite a bit less bulky. As a result, you feel less self-conscious and can carry on normally in class or office. Instead of being bogged down by negative thoughts about how you look and what others are saying, you get on with your life as usual. All clear braces have a tiny transparent bracket. Lightweight alloy strings hold these together. The tension created guides the errant tooth into place easily and quickly.

What is the process of installing clear braces?

What is the Process of installing clear braces

  • When you visit the dentist, he would require a set of x-rays that display how and why your tooth is crooked.
  • There are many types of x-rays including orthopantomogram (a mouthful for sure) otherwise known as OPG or panorama x-ray. These display your entire upper and lower jaw on a single plate. It is best if you opt for these.
  • Once he has identified which teeth need to be adjusted into place, he can take two approaches. He can either take the old-fashioned route of placing attachments on each tooth or fixing them with dental bonding cement. Otherwise, he could make an impression on a mould taken from the mouth and place the brackets inside it. Thereafter, he attaches it to the teeth, instead of individually.
  • When the brackets are firm, the cosmetic dentist would raise and lower the tension in the wires. The roots of the tooth are deep inside the jaw. To move, they need to be pulled constantly in one direction for many weeks.
  • You would have to visit the dental care professional regularly for checkups. He needs to know how the treatment is progressing. Each visit he would increase or decrease pressure at every vital point. It is very important that you attend these sessions regularly.
  • When the dentist is satisfied (after 3-9 months) he would remove the brace through a painless procedure. At this end-stage, he might prescribe retention braces that must be worn for a short period each day.
  • On the whole, the process is simple and as easy as apple pie. At most, it takes a couple of hours initially to position the clear braces. The regular visits hardly take up half an hour each.

3 Advantages of Clear Braces

Advantages of Clear Braces

1. Almost no pain

This is a very important issue. Most patients are scared when they visit a dentist. Quite a few dental implant procedures are painful and the fear is natural. Putting on clear braces causes no pain. At no point would you need anaesthesia. You might notice a gentle tug on your teeth, but nothing apart from that. When you use the braces in daily life, there is no impact. The first few days, your mouth would feel strange. You would explore the apparatus with your tongue. But soon the feeling would pass and you would settle down.

2. Completely concealed

Braces enjoy a bad reputation. They are ugly and make the wearer look rather comical. The criticism is not without merit and the older braces did look like something that had crawled out of a garage. But not so with new clear brace designs. They have minimal mass and are almost invisible to the eye.

You can be assured that wearing clear braces would have no impact on your social life. On the other hand, the effect of clear braces would make your self-confidence grow by leaps and bounds. You would make new friends and enjoy going out much more than you ever did before.

3. Highly durable

Our mouth has the strongest muscles in the body. Human teeth can exert tremendous pressure measured in hundreds of pounds. This strength is needed to tear meat, chew toast, crack almonds. It is easy to imagine the enormous forces that are at play. The good thing about clear braces is their durability. They are quite impossible to break or damage. At most, the glue might fail, in which case the dentist would reapply the adhesive.

Any disadvantages?

None that we can think of. Patients are usually extremely satisfied with clear braces dental treatment. Of course, it is advisable if you avoid food with a hard pit, for example, popcorn. Also, you have to be careful to brush your teeth with a great deal of attention. Food gets caught between the wires and can cause tooth decay. Bacterial decay is the leading cause of losing teeth and cautiousness is a must.

How much do Clear Braces cost?

No, they are not pricey at all. But they are not as cheap as ugly metal braces. You can get clear braces cost between £2,500 – £4,500 at most orthodontic establishments. Some charge a steeper price due to increased overheads and markup. At Natural Smiles, we are committed to providing highly affordable dental care. Contact us and we assure you that our prices would be among the most competitive.

To sum it all up

You and a perfect smile were made for each other. With clear braces, it is so easy to get one. No need to worry about your slanted teeth anymore. In a few months, they would be gone. Why not call Natural Smiles and get what you always deserved.

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