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The health of your smile is important to us, but we also understand that its appearance is of great importance too. If you suffer from stained, chipped, crooked or broken teeth we can find a treatment perfectly suited to you and your condition, in order to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.


Our Leicester Practice

the practice

Good dental health is important for an array of reasons - including your physical appearance. As you smile, the sight of broken, crooked, stained or chipped teeth could adversely affect an otherwise friendly and welcoming look. However, all of these teeth dilemmas can be rectified by our experts.

We run a dental practice in the East Midlands city of Leicester where we offer a palette of dental services. These treatments are intended to restore the pleasing appearance of your smile.


General Dentistry

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If you want a great-looking smile, it can pay to devote attention to looking after your dental health. We can give you a dental check-up every 6 months and so help you to maintain your dental health. We can spot such issues as cavities and bleeding gums and so quickly and effectively treat them.

With our dental clean services, your oral hygiene can be preserved. If your teeth start to decay, we can carry out tooth extraction as a last resort to prevent tooth decay spreading.


Cosmetic Dentistry

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Regular consumption of tea, coffee and wine can take its toll on the colour of your teeth, but you can have your teeth's whiteness restored at our dental practice in Leicester. We can also provide discreet braces for straightening your smile inconspicuously.

If parts of your teeth need to be replaced, we can fulfil that responsibility through fitting veneers, implants, bridges or dentures to leave you with a smile that is much more visually impressive.


Implant Dentistry

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If tooth decay, gum disease or an accident has resulted in you losing one tooth or more, a dentist in Leicester can replace the lost teeth by using dental implants. In the process, they can also replace the missing root, enabling the implants to be firmly anchored in your jawbone.

This bodes well for the long-term effectiveness of your teeth. Dental implants can replace anything from a single tooth to a whole set of teeth - and remain reliably in place for a lifetime.


Facial Aesthetics

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Under the roof of our Leicester practice, we can also carry out the non-dental treatments of wrinkle softening or dermal fillers to the face. In this way, we are capable of tackling various aesthetic issues.

Our wrinkle softening treatments are intended to remove fine lines, crow's feet and wrinkles that, otherwise, could make you look older than your years. Similarly, dermal fillers can add more youth to your look by plumping up problem areas to remove deep lines and other facial imperfections.


Free Consultation Now

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Our website includes many more details about our services, both dental and non-dental. We aim to be thoroughly informative - and, once you have decided on using any of these services, you can phone 0116 2182181 to contact our Leicester practice.

Whether you book a free consultation or different service for receiving at this practice, you can reach it by travelling just five minutes south from the city of Leicester. This practice is on Leicester Road in Wigston, a town just outside Leicester.

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