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Things to Consider before choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

December 1, 2021

Your teeth not only offers you a stunning smile but also helps you chew food. An error in treating your teeth can lead to serious health issues later including tooth and gum decay and even teeth removal. Furthermore, cosmetic dentistry is expensive. Teeth whitening can cost you from £300 to £1,000. Crowns can cost you up to £2,000 for each crown. Dental implants will cost you up to £3,500.

However, do not get confused. This article will help you choose the right cosmetic dentist for you. In the next five minutes, learn all about the things to consider before choosing a cosmetic dentist. 

Reviews and recommendations

Reviews and Recommendations

Head over to the dentist’s website. Check the before and after photos of the past cases, the dentist has worked on. If you know which type of dental treatment you want, pay attention to the cases similar to yours. Furthermore, check out the reviews present on the site. However, be wary of paid reviews and stock or heavily edited photos.

You can check the dentist’s works on the social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest as well. However, never rely fully on the reviews and details from the dentist’s personal website and social media. Check third-party websites as well.

The questions you should look for answers for are:

  • How many patients they have treated?
  • How often do they treat a patient?
  • How many years they have been in business?
  • What technologies and devices do the dentists use? 

Furthermore, ask people who had undergone treatment from that dentist. What is better than first-hand experience, right? You can ask your general dentist for recommendations as well. 

Questions to Ask the dentist 

Questions to Ask the dentist

You have checked the reviews and asked for referrals. Now it is time to book an appointment, right? Wrong. Just because someone else like a dentist’s work, does not mean you will too. Thus, ask questions to the dentist. Here are a few examples:

  • Have you worked on a case similar to mine?
  • Can you please share a record of your past results?
  • How much time will the process take? How long will a session last?
  • Will I need painkillers?
  • What type of follow-up treatment will I need and for how long?


Is your dentist specialize in teeth whitening? Are they an expert on porcelain veneers? Does your dentist work only with dental implants? Each area of cosmetic dentistry requires years of practice and knowledge to master. Thus, choose a cosmetic dentist who specializes in the service you need. Miss that and you can end up with a failed treatment process, wasted money, and further dental health issues.

Choose an experienced cosmetic dentist. Furthermore, ask for the dentist’s credentials and qualifications. Here are a few questions you can ask:

  • Which dental school did they attend
  • Which classes have they completed
  • What courses they are pursuing right now if any
  • Which professional organizations they have worked with

You can check these details on the dentist’s website and on third-party websites as well. Furthermore, check if the dentist is learning and using the latest technologies, procedures, and devices. You won’t want someone to treat you with methods from twenty years ago, right?

Pricing and payment plans

Pricing and Payment Plan

Cosmetic dental veneers can cost you up to £1,150. Dental crowns can cost you up to £2,000. Dental implants can cost you up to 3,000. However, choose clinics that offer custom packages rather than fixed ones. Here is why. Cosmetic dental treatment costs depend on the options you choose, the type of procedure, and the time it will take. Furthermore, charges depend on the experience and expertise of the dentist as well. The clinics offering fixed packages never take all these factors into consideration.

Thus, you won’t get the best possible treatment. Furthermore, check if the clinic offers EMI options. Cosmetic dentistry is not cheap. Thus, if a clinic allows you to spread the cost of the treatment over five or ten instalments, it is always a plus.

Technologies your dentist uses

Dentists cannot see your entire mouth no matter how big you open your mouth. The dental mirror won’t help much either. Thus, the process becomes uncomfortable and even painful. Thus, the dentist must use an intra-oral camera.

Check if the dentist uses CAD/CAM technology and a 3D printer as well. In this technology, the dentist drills the teeth to prepare them for the crown. Afterwards, the dentist takes a photo with a computer. The dentist then transfers the image to a machine. The machine makes the crown right there in the office. Thus, you won’t have to wait for weeks for the lab to make the crown.

Furthermore, ask if the dentist uses 3D scanners and 3D x-rays as well. All these technologies together make the process shorter and less painful.

One size does not fit all

The local dentist offering a fixed package for dental implants? Those one-size-fits-all veneers you found on Amazon for £4.99? They are not worth it. The dentist must check the patient’s teeth and decide whether the treatment the patient is asking for can be done. The dentist might recommend a different treatment as well. Furthermore, the dentist will need to perform a comprehensive checkup and cleaning before the treatment begins.

No two patients will have the exact same process even if they both choose teeth whitening. The reason? The condition of their teeth and gum disease and other health conditions will always differ. Thus, choose custom treatments rather than the one-size-fits-all.

Awards won

Awards Won

Awards compel you to trust the dentist more. Thus, it never hurts to choose a dentist who has won them. You can find the list of awards won on the dentist’s website. Furthermore, you can check for the same on third-party websites as well. Some of the popular awards include Evy, Britain Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) – BACD.com and the Fellowship Award from the Academy of General Dentistry.

In-depth research is essential

Your teeth influence your personality. Furthermore, teeth are essential to chew the food you need to survive and grow. Thus, when choosing a cosmetic dentist to treat your teeth, do extensive research. You won’t want to spend thousands only to redo it all over again and even hurt your teeth and gum health in the process.

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